victoria retreat

Are you tired of being “ruled” by your external circumstances?

Are you carrying physical and emotional baggage that you’d really like to be rid of. Forever?

Do you “know” there’s something more to life but aren’t quite sure where to look?

Can you identify with the questions above? I can.  These were all frustrations and challenges that I carried. For a long, long time. And then everything changed.

Did I discover some magic formula to make these disappear?


But what I did learn was a transformational set of tools that gave me the ability to not be afraid when these challenges presented themselves because I now knew who I was and the ability I had to choose my internal state of being.

I discovered the ability to heal my body, my mind, my emotions and to transform my life.

Allow me to share what I’ve discovered through the amazingly gentle, yet profoundly powerful art of Reiki with you.