Meditation How To Victoria

The Ultimate “How To” Guide for Meditation. Home Study Course

Join your teacher Russ Littau (Founder of The Healing Center) on an amazing journey of discovering what meditation really is.

He has conducted over 200 meditation gatherings teaching individuals from all walks of life the powerful, life management, skill of meditation.

Sharing not only philosophies and processes but practical techniques that you can use every day to literally change the way you look at life.

This 2 disc multi-media training programs includes:

One DVD with:

* Ten powerful lessons on “turning on the switches” to your awareness
* Exercises you can practice anywhere anytime
* Releasing undesired emotions
* Finally, a simple, practical, powerful approach to the often misunderstood life practice of meditation.

One CD with:

* Visualization meditations to help you discover and observe
* Personal meditations for relaxation, healing, stress releasing, etc

Ultimate How To Meditation Guide – $39.77 (free shipping anywhere in Canada)

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Meditation How To Victoria